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 Our Services

Fuel Specification for over 150 Countries

IFQC Members-Only Website:
Our members-only website www.ifqc.org puts timely, accurate data and analysis at your fingertips. A database of over 150 country reports detail fuel specifications and regulations (automotive, marine, aviation), emissions and fuel efficiency information from the transportation industry. We also provide a bi-weekly notification service with the latest reports, fuel specifications database and web updates, announcements, and upcoming webinars/events.

Worldwide Fuel Specifications Database - an Industry Reference
As a member, you get unlimited access to all past, current and future fuel quality specifications. IFQC covers over 150 countries.


Continuous In-Depth Analysis of Key Market Developments

  • Fuel policy, refining, and automotive and marine emissions developments and their potential impact on our members;
  • Global fuel quality;
  • Emissions trends and initiatives;
  • Fuel efficiency trends and initiatives;
  • Ethanol, biodiesel, butanol and biofuels blends;
  • CNG, LNG, LPG, DME, methanol and methanol blends;
  • Marine and jet;
  • On-road and off-road;
  • Legislative and marketplace developments; and
  • Additives and oxygenates use.

IFQC reports are your best non-biased source for strategic planning.


Get Access to the Experts 24/7

Members have around-the-clock access to our team of refining, automotive, fuels and regulatory experts who are in close contact with industry legislative and regulatory bodies all over the world. IFQC has conducted many targeted and customized consulting studies such as, Global Biofuels Outlook, Low and Zero Sulfur Automotive Fuel Policy Analysis, Global Monitoring, Compliance and Enforcement of Fuel Standards. Most of our members think of us as an extension of their staff and 99% renew their membership year after year. With a combined experience of over 160 years in the refining and fuels industry, our consultants' team speaks over 15 languages.

IFQC consultants provide expertise to key international organizations such as OPEC, CEN, ASTM, JCAP, ISO, APEC, UN PCFV and governmental bodies such as U.S. EPA, U.S. DOE, Ministry of Environmental Protection (China), EU Commission and many more...

Fuel Quality Strategy Workshops

To ensure a good understanding of the basis behind Automotive Fuel Quality Policies and to teach Regulatory bodies how to establish fuel quality policies, IFQC offers Fuel Quality Strategy Workshops. These trainings have been undertaken in multiple countries in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Latin America. Our training module incorporates a building block approach, allowing each country to tailor-make its own fuel quality strategy dependent on their situation while using the breadth of the global experience provided by IFQC.


Be Part of a Premier Network of Contacts

Fuel Quality Policy & Technology Briefings & Webinars

IFQC's meetings afford our members an effective tool to share timely industry intelligence in open discussions — no press allowed. These events are designed to bring together the knowledge and perspective of all those representing the refining, engine manufacturer and technology industries as well as policymakers.

Past briefings have been held in Detroit, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, New Delhi, Bahrain, Madrid, Costa Rica, Paris, San Antonio, Brussels, Washington, DC, Moscow, Beijing and Sofia. Webinars are scheduled on a regular basis. There is no registration fee for IFQC members.



Global Crude Oil, Refining & Fuels Outlook

Heavy Crude Oil

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