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October 31, 2013 – The IFQC has ranked the top 100 countries based on sulfur limits in diesel. The following countries were ranked based on the order of the following criteria: maximum allowable sulfur limits in national standards, sulfur limits in local/regional standards (such as specifications for cities/states) and by year of implementation.

Updates to these rankings will be conducted every six months. Members can refer to complete fuel specifications, including sulfur limits by country, in the Fuel Specifications sections of individual country reports. For more information on the IFQC's services or to get in touch with an IFQC expert in your region, or to send any comments, questions or concerns regarding this ranking, e-mail us here

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Diesel Sulfur - Top 100


† Full market penetration of 10 ppm sulfur in diesel aided by market drivers.

# Not actually included in ranking; highlighted for significant achievement.

* Best ranking based on available information.




Max Diesel Sulfur Limits


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